the panic over strasserism marks the central class contradiction that the left is completely unable to resolve. Here, it is important to understand that the way this class contradiction is papered over is by pretty much everyone agreeing to hide it in plain sight. It is not controversial or shocking in the slightest to point out that an organisation like the DSA consists almost entirely of middle class people, or that identity politics scares away workers, or anything of the sort. You will not be branded a “strasserite” for saying any of this, because everyone knows it. In fact, it is in some way necessary for the ideological reproduction of the left that everyone involved in it sort of makes fun of just how “out of touch with the workers” it often is.

The american left loves to lambast Tucker Carlson – and other people on the right who are similar to him – as insincere or “rich grifters”, but the fact that they are rich actually makes them potentially less unreliable allies in the eyes of the working class, not more. Situations where alliances form between the King and the peasantry to fight the middle class or the nobility are a dime a dozen throughout history.